Cubis Slots

Cubis Slots

Cubis Slots is different from other slot machine games you may see. It has five reels and 15 winning lines with a wild symbol. There is a wild symbol but no scatter symbol and no bonus features.

Playing the Game

Cubis Slots is not your typical slot machine game because instead of using reels, you play the game in a three dimensional cube. Players use three sides of the cube which have 25 symbols on each side. The symbols that comprise the game are quite simple: different colored cubes. In order to win a player must have four or more cubes on the same pay line and the game has a total of 15 different pay lines. Since each pay line includes different symbols, you increase your chances of winning each time you spin the reels. Players can wager bets as low as a penny or as high as $300. The game also has a replacement feature which means once a player uses particular symbols as part of the winning combination, those symbols are replaced by new ones. This feature increases a player's chance of winning in each game. This feature remains active until all winning lines have been used.

Wild Symbols

The game has four different wild symbols. The first one is a prize multiplier which is a cube that includes a prize multiplier. If this symbol is used as part of a winning combination it will automatically multiply the winning prize. The other wild symbols are used in order to replace cubes in order to increase the chances of a playing winning more prizes. These symbols include the line bomb, square bomb and the nuclear bomb. These symbols are only used when there are no additional wins available. The line bomb removes all symbols at a 90 degree angle on the face of the cube in order to replace the symbols with new ones. The square bomb will remove all twenty five symbols on the face where it appears and replaces them with different symbols to increase winning potential for the player. The nuclear bomb removes and replaces all the symbols on the screen which in reality gives the player a free spin. These wild symbols are very different from other slot machine games and adds excitement for the players. Of course, those who prefer more traditional designs may not enjoy this game, but if you want something different Cubis Slots will fill the bill.

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