X-Men Slots

Playing and Winning in the X-Men Slots

This is a Marvel game developed by Cryptologic and offered by InterCasino. It is unique from other games because it includes several super heroes grouped together under the X-Men banner. It also includes some rather prominent enemies of the X-Men who are young mutants Professor Xavier trained at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning with the sole purpose of fighting for humanity.

Overview of the Game

The game is comprised of the X-Men who are called that because they possess the X-Gene that provides them with their super powers. The X-Men characters that are included in the game are Xavier, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Night Crawler. Two other characters that began as villains but turned good are included: Rogue and Gambit. Enemies of the X-Men are the Brotherhood of Mutants which is led by Magneto and includes Mystique and Sabretooth. Xavier is the wild symbol and the Xavier Institute logo is the scatter symbol. The animation is rather subtle in nature and involves Xavier putting his fingers to his head as if he is receiving some mental message. You will also see Magneto fume and turn red in a fit of rage.

Playing the Game

X-Men is a five reel nine payline slot game. Unlike some of the other slot games, you are limited to one coin per line with players only being permitted to choose the coin denomination and the number of paylines they wish to wager. Accomplish this by using the UP and DOWN arrows placed next to the indicators. There are very limited coin denominations in X-Men: $.05, $.10, $.25, $1, $2 and $5. There is no penny coin in the game.

Once you click the Spin button you can active ate the reels with the coin size and number of paylines you choose to bet. When you click the "Bet Max" button you can activate the reels with the coin size you chose and all nine paylines.

How to Win at X-Men Slots

Xavier is the wild symbol in the game and while it does not multiply any payouts, it is possible to win the largest fixed jackpot of 7500 coins. The scatter symbols can only be aligned on the reels from left to right or they do not count. This symbol offers scatter payouts and is the trigger for the bonus game on the second screen.

Bonus Game

There are four trouble spots and the player has to send one of the X-Men to each spot where the superhero will enter into battle with an evil adversary. Each symbol has a life meter, and the one whose life meter depletes first loses. If the loser happens to be the superhero the player receives a consolation award based on the remaining life of the adversary. If the superhero wins, the award is based on how much life he has remaining on the meter. The X-Men slot game includes three level jackpots that consist of the Marvel Hero, the Super Hero jackpot and the Hero jackpot. The jackpots are random but increase dramatically with higher wagers.