Aztec Gems Slots

There is no question that there are many Aztec themed slots on the market, however there are a few that rise above the others and Aztec Gems Slots is one that shouldn’t be ignored. Aztec Gems Slots is a video slot that is set up in a 3x3 format, with an extra 4th reel. The interesting thing about the 4th reel is that it’s made up of all multipliers. In fact, players can utilize those multipliers to win up to $150,000.

Coin sizes start at $0.01 and max out at $0.50, with a maximum of 10 coins per line possible. This makes for a maximum bet potential of $25. This makes Aztec Gems Slots a great choice for those who have smaller bank rolls, as even a smaller bet per spin can help them win bigger prizes. That being said, high rollers might also enjoy the low level commitment that comes with this online slot game.

Aztec Gems Slots Symbols Make For Beautiful Reels

As the name implies, the symbols of Aztec Gems Slots consist of almost only gems. There are various sizes and colors of gems for players to enjoy looking at, as well as an Aztec King symbol. The Aztec King symbol acts as the game’s Wild Symbol, which will substitute for all other symbols and help players create more winning combinations. When players land three of the Aztec King symbols, they’ll win a quick $125. The colors and background are very visually pleasing to the eye, as well.

No Bonuses But Multipliers Take The Cake: Aztec Gems Slots

While there are no fancy bonus features, the multipliers features in Aztec Gems Slots more than makes up for it. The multipliers start at 1x and end at 15x, which apply to any win the player lands. This can lead to enormous wins, especially if the Aztec King symbols are stacked on the reels with a high multiplier.

For players who like the idea of a classic slot, but want the opportunity to win really big prizes, Aztec Gems Slots is an ideal choice. The format and rules of the game are extremely easy to understand and even beginners can quickly understand and enjoy the online slot game. However, the addition of the multiplier reel is a real game changer, which often brings in players who love the opportunity to make big wins off of small bets.