Heist Slots

Betsoft gaming continues its run of entertaining and downright captivating casino gameplay with the full-featured, lifelike Heist Slots game. None of that cartoonish, brightly colored stuff over at Drake Casino with this movie-like 3D game, which sports graphics the equal of any CGI-inspired Hollywood movie. In Heist Slots, which you can head on over to Drake Casino and start playing online as soon as you get the inkling for some real midnight fun, you play the bad guy. If you've ever wanted to experience the rewards of a well-executed bank robbery, with none of the bad; then here's your chance.

The Details

Being a 3D game only adds to the realism of Heist Slots. As the expert thief Neil Quailand, you are on a mission to bust out a cool $9 million from a bank vault, with a dedicated, shotgun toting detective named Albert Kowalski hot on the chase to close the case. The chess moves between you two make for a cinematic masterpiece of a Slots game; so much so you've got to remind yourself from time-to-time that you're playing to win and not watching a program.

Heist Slots is a 5 reel, 30 payline standard, with symbols represented by all a robber's tools and weapons. Diamonds, guns, bank combinations, cash and much more appear across the reels and paylines of this mini-movie, giving you plenty of combination choices to make a killing - not literally, of course. Fully 45 winning combinations can net you a jackpot of 500 coins at most; 400 coins as second-most, and so on down. The minimum wager is a single penny; the maximum is 30 coins per spin which equals $900; thus, the full jackpot is $15,000. It is a robbery game, after all.

Heist Slots Bonus

Of the many robber-related symbols, the C4 explosive is one of the main ones to keep an eye out for. In fact; keep both eyes out for it because, as the game's honorary wild, it can replace any other symbol to yield you more winning combos; including an exploding surprise when it appears on the second of the 5 reels. This will trigger the game's multiplier, which pays you double the amount you win. If you manage to land three Glass Cutters, then the bonus game that bears this namesake will pop up and offer you a choice between hard cash, free spins or free bonus. This; however - as nice as it is - isn't the only bonus game; the Bank Heist Bonus tests your operational heist wits and gives you the chance to choose the best way to bust a safe, with prizes at the end of your choice!

These aren't all that Heist Slots has to offer; there are many more winning combos for hours of engrossing fun; which is further highlighted by the fact you may walk away after a sleepless night of games with a load of winnings. Head on over to Drake Casino for your shot at living out your darker dreams of adventure, and download the casino software to feel the excitement the pros feel, without the danger, by playing Heist Slots.