A Night In Paris Slots

Premier casino gaming giant Betsoft never fails to deliver; as you can judge for yourself by stopping by Drake Casino to try your hand at their A Night in Paris 3-D Slot game. In the land of national treasures and artistic genius, you assume the identity of a casino patron who must keep his winnings away from a thief - nice change of pace, eh? - who will steal and steal some more while being hunted by a massive French security guard, who also has a trusty pit bull to help him. A quick rundown of what A Night in Paris offers:

  • You get Free Spins
  • There are 5 Reels and 30 Paylines
  • You can win a jackpot of up $3,750 with a single spin
If you want to up the stakes, you can head on over to Drake Casino with your accepted payment options ready, download now their casino software; and, after you register your free account, make a deposit. Any applicable bonuses and promotions that come with signing up to play A Night in Paris will immediately be credited to your account after the initial deposit, and you can start playing to win!

A Night in Paris Characters

The crisp and high-quality 3-D graphics of Betsoft's popular game is especially well-suited to the array of crazy and fun characters that litter the colorful scenery of A Night in Paris. The serious and yet campy French security guard is Jerome LaBaste, who has with him a security dog that has seemed to take on his master's personality - which you'll see displayed throughout the game. The thief is a nameless pest - aren't they all - who slithers around the premises, just out-of-sight until he's ready to strike - who tries to swipe your jackpot winnings whenever he thinks LaBaste and dog aren't looking.

Winning Symbols

Important elements of A Night in Paris are the symbols. Along with the thief, guard dog and Jerome LaBaste himself, this 5 reel, 30 payline slot game uses a couple of doves, a bust from the Louvre, a symbol from LaBaste's place of employment, a painting, a pair of young Parisian lovers, the famous World-Wonder known as the Eiffel Tower and a delicious-looking croissant as slot symbols. Coupling these with various game sounds and matchless animation reminiscent of Pixar, there are bonus games to keep you playing longer and for more chances at winning a hefty jackpot, beyond the 2500 coins available with just regular play - which only costs 50 cents per payline.

To really win big with A Night in Paris, all you need are the right combinations. The security guard's symbol, if it appears in the slots three times, nets you four extra spins at no additional cost, with the thief overlooking the game as you play. You will be prompted to notify the guard LaBaste that the thief is nearby, upon which him and his dog will chased him until he's caught, with a hilarious punishment meted out at the end. Your prize depends on the order of appearance of the slot symbols that trigger the 'Alert the Guard' notification, and can be either 3750, 4750, or a larger sum of coins.

A Thief in the Night

If you have an even more adventurous side, then you won't be able to wait until your try out the character twist that A Night in Paris has to offer for even more fun into the AM hours. One of the later bonus rounds features you inside the famed halls of the Louvre, itself; where you will be asked to think and scheme in the manner of a thief to steal certain items from inside. You will receive three choices; later, the thief will steal one of these. Whichever one he ends up choosing, will be the prize with which you are rewarded, as LaBaste finally catches the culprit.

Come and see what the fuss is all about; A Night in Paris is always playing at the best and most up-to-date online casinos; head on over to Drake Casino and blow the night away in the renowned City of Lovers.