Jewel Thief Slots

Everyone dreams of jewels, well maybe not everyone but definitely a high number of us dream of that perfect diamond necklace or the beautiful earrings or bracelet that is just a little bit out of our grasp. Well in this exciting three reel three payline slots game you can enjoy fantasy of owning beautiful jewels just a bit more when you log on and play.

Three Reels and Three Paylines to Win

Jewel Thief slots is a simple and easy to play slots game from Microgaming that offers you three reels and three paylines. There are no fancy symbols and nothing to surprise you in this game. The Jewel Thief symbol acts as the wild symbol and can take the place of other symbols to make up a winning payline. In addition you will find single bars, double bars and triple bars and a safe symbol that fill this colorful screen. The jewel thief logo is definitely the important logo to look out for and can take the place of other symbols to make up a winning line. On its own the jewel thief logo is also a winning symbol and when three of these symbols land on the 3rd payline you can win a fantastic 6000 coins.

Wide Betting Range for All Levels of Budget

Of course not everyone is lucky enough to win 6000 coins but it is still a very reachable amount with coin size starting at $0.25 and leading up to the highest at $5 there are plenty of options for every level of player with every budget. even if you don't win the largest jackpot of 6000 coins there are many other great winning lines to aim for, on the second payline, if you land three of the Jewel thief logos you can win 3000 coins and on the first payline a generous 1500 coins are awarded.

Play Instant or Downloadable Versions

Playing Jewel Thief slot is simple and fun and with the fantastic rewards that it offers you can't go wrong with this game. Of course Jewel Thief, being a Microgaming slots game can be played for fun or practice before you take the plunge and place real money bets but remember with such a low starting point for the coin sizes, there does not seem much need for practice play. At many of the Microgaming casinos you also have the chance to play an instant version of the game whereby you don't need to download the casino or game to your computer. This method is very time efficient and for many players offers a great alternative to the downloadable casino as you can also access the casino and game from wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing. Playing Jewel Thief slots may not bring you the jewels that you desire but it can bring you closer to the dreams that you have.