Bitcoin ATM Launches in Las Vegas

Even though it is no surprise that Las Vegas is one of the first places, a recent news release has shown that players can receive bitcoins by going to The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel. The hotel also is one of the first ones to allow guests to play using bitcoins. Guests are able to play with bitcoins and even buy items in the gift shop.

The Bitcoin ATM Machine

There are many people who have gone to see the new ATM machine. This recent news is based on the partnership between Robocoin and The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel. This means that the bitcoin ATM machine will dispense actually bitcoins that is placed inside the casino. This machine will let users sell and buy bitcoins currency. The CEO of the D Las Vegas said they were happy to be one of the first to provide this bitcoin ATM, said Derek Stevens.

Using Bitcoins in a Casino?

Even though this Nevada casino also bitcoins to be dispensed from the ATM machine inside The D Las Vegas Casino, it does not allow players to wager bitcoins on the casino floor. As a casino in Nevada, the law does not allow cryptocurrency such as bitcoins to be used for wagers in regular casinos. However, the D Las Vegas Casino believes this will be the next step in approving bitcoins for this.