WhoSpunit Slots

You have been invited to the manor, and while you are visiting a murder has been committed, you are called upon to use your detective skills to solve this murder. Betsoft has definitely come up with a highly intriguing, interactive winner with Whospunit, where players can interact as much as they like trying to reach the goal of finding the killer, at the same time enjoy playing on the reels. This 3D slots game has thirty paylines on five reels where all the action takes place.

The Players

The Icons on the reels show the lifeless murder victim, Mr Wellington who is the owner, Clarles Covington his butler, Dr. Van Austren, a physician who has servd Mr Wellington for many yars, Miss Ellie is the house maid and is very outspoken and feisty, Miss Eliza Jane Rothsby Earlthon Geoffries Chatam is a recent widow and also a socialite, there is also the safe hidden behind a painting of the Mona Liza, a post it board and magnifying glass.

The Clock Ticks from now...

The player must be prepared to put in the time needed for each section as the clock ticks and can't be stopped, however each timed session is 5 minutes so its not so bad. From the moment you press the spin button the clock starts the count down, keep spinning and the reels will turn, giving wins at the same time clue coins will be dropped into the bottom left hand corner. To get as many clues before the countdown is over, you have to keep the reels spinning.

Free Spins mode

The free Spin mode can happen anytime during the countdown mode, the clock will stop and the player is taken to a new screen where 5 characters are presented, these are the five main suspects and main players of the game. Hover your mouse over each character and you will get their biography plus the rewards, choose a character who will replace the detective in front of the screen, each player has different rewards from double free spins, random wilds, game pays both ways, 4x on payouts and random wild reel. There are 10 free spins, and winnings are collected and addedo to the players bankroll.

The Clue Collecting round

In the countdown mode players will collect clue coins, for each clue coin collected there is a free spin in the clue collecting round. On top of the screen is the clues for the round, there are three levels that a player can climb, the three levels as they solve each rounds clues by collecting stars until the right clue has 5 stars. Depending on your luck, you may solve the first level with your first clue collected or not.. If you still have clues over they remain until you reach the next session. Your winning on this round is added to your bankroll. You will be returned to the countdown mode for another 5 minutes and to colect more clue coins. Each level has different set of clues, which are accumulated for the last session after completion of the third level. Level one covers the location, level two covers the murder weapon, and level three covers the critical clues that are tied to the 5 suspects.

Solving The Murder with the Evidence

Once level 3 is completed, the player is returned to the main game, the player has to get the evidence symbol in the middle reel to activate the evidence bonus round. The player gets to interrogate each suspect until the right one is revealed. Bonus prizes are awarded for solving the mystery.

The maximum win on this game is 320,500 coins. The Game was very interesting and kept me occupied for several hours the Graphics are excllent the 3D animations fascinating an the icons on the reels also animate interestingly.