Genie's Fortune (Three Wishes) Slots

By all accounts, Betsoft has created an absolute monster with the exceptionally popular Genie's Fortune (previously Three Wishes) Slots. This slots game, which is available at Drake Casino, bears the distinction of being the most popular out of every single slots game currently on the market. With a title like that, do you even need to be convinced that you should get over to Drake Casino at your earliest convenience? Sporting fantastic theme music and even better, luminous graphics, Genie's Fortune Slots is a Middle Eastern themed wonder of Aladdin lamps, decadent fruit baskets, royal camels, bulging treasure chests, a Princess Jasmine look-alike, gems, mystic globes, funny monkeys, crossed sword symbols, snake baskets and a magic flying carpet. Deep in the Arabian desert, you'll engage all these items, and use them to find your riches.

Genie's Fortune Details

Genie's Fortune Slots is a 5 reel, 30 payline winner of the popularity contest over any and all slots games, and has the standard exhilarating bonus games, Wilds, Free Spins and more. In fact, it has something else that's unique among slots - the ability to encounter winning paylines in any direction; whether they start from left-to-right or vice versa. The core story of the game is Aladdin's magical lamp, which will grant - you guessed it - three magic wishes, which manifest themselves in the bonus rounds of the game.

Symbol Specifics in Genie's Fortune Slots

In this King of all Slot games, the Flying Carpet symbol functions as the highly sought-after Wild icon; this will wreak a beneficial streak of havoc on all any icon that isn't a featured one, changing them to bonus coins for your pleasure. The in-game Click Me feature reveals the purpose of the funny animated monkey, which, when said monkey pops up on an active payline, will change all four symbols that surround him into a collective reward item for you, after some cool graphics of him acting like a general fool and dancing on the reels.

As for the bulging chest of treasure, if you are fortunate enough to land three of these, you'll be rewarded with 5 free spins. If you manage to get four treasure chests, then 10 free spins will careen your way. Five chests of treasures will grant you a whopping 20 free spins, which may the single reason why Genie's Fortune Slots is rated as the best slots game in existence right now.

The final worthy icon is the Lamp of Aladdin. This magical lamp will bring you to yet another bonus game on an entirely different screen. An ancient genie will arise once you activate the Lamp of Aladdin, which will offer you fully 6 wishes, with each one you choose having a different prize associated with it.

A Game to Behold

The 3D masterpiece Genie's Fortune Slots has a top Jackpot of $2,500; but moreover, is extremely fun and engaging to play. With magic lanterns and treasure chests, it brings you the full mystique of ancient Arabia, in graphics that seem to actually place you in the moment. At Drake Casino, you can experience Genie's Fortune Slots in all its wonder.