Grill Thrills Slots

Grill Thrills is one tasty video slot - it's based around the concept of a Saturday afternoon barbecue in the back yard, with plenty of steaks, hot dogs, kebabs and of course, cold beers. The visual style of the game is a zany, cartoony romp, and the sound effects include a full musical accompaniment instead of the usual sampled slot sounds you're used to hearing on so many video slots. Grill Thrills offers a full compliment of features such as Wild symbols, Scatters for instant wins, and a delicious bonus game where you build a kebab for a cash prize. Speaking of cash, the game also has a $25,000 top prize - pretty tasty! So what are you waiting for? Play Grill Thrills Slots now!

Recipe for a Great Barbecue

Grill Thrills is a five reel game, although it still considers three-symbol combos to be wins. In some cases, it'll even pay out on two-symbol combos. Start off by selecting how many lines you want to play - the game will let you activate up to 20 pay lines. Each one will cost you a single coin bet, whose value you can set between 5c and $10. Note that you can adjust this during play - you don't have to stick on one value once you've started. Adding lines is a good strategic move. It does cost more, but it radically increases your chances of hitting a winning combo.

What's Cooking on the Grill?

The image set for this game is, naturally, all about barbecues, starting with equipment and working up to actual food. On the bottom end you'll find Barbecue Tongs, Ketchup, Hot Hands, and Beer all worth between 100 and 250 coins - you'll need combos of at least 3 to trigger a win. After this, the rest of the symbols need only 2 to pay out! The rest of the symbols comprise the Grill itself, the Kebab, the Steak, the Corn, the Hotdog and the Burger, which is the game's top prize. One of the nicer symbols is the Blonde Lady Scatter, because it pays out in multiples of your total bet amount - up to 40 times! For example, if you were playing on max bet, you could win up to $8,000 this way!

Juicy Bonus Round

The Cash Kebab bonus game triggers when you hit 3 Bonus Chef symbols. In this game, you're trying to build a delicious kebab, and you have five rounds to complete it in. In each round, you must select from six available ingredients. Each one hides a random amount of cash, but as the rounds proceed, there's an added risk that some of the ingredients might have gone off. Picking a bad ingredient ends the game, but you don't lose the money you've made so far. Make it all the way to the end, and you'll win an additional bonus!