The Incredible Hulk Slots (888)

This is one of the most awesome video slots ever made, about everyone's favourite massive green mutant. We say this because as awful as the films were (okay, the second one was marginally better), watching the Hulk smash things on screen is just never going to be as entertaining as doing the smashing yourself - which is something that this excellent slot game allows you to do! Think about it: how could destroying helicopters by throwing motorbikes, phone booths or cars at them ever not be fun? This is exactly what the Bonus game in The Incredible Hulk is all about! Bonus games aside, this is a top-notch slot that offers fantastic playing experience and $50,000 top jackpot - well worth it. Play Hulk Slots now!

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

Bruce Banner (the Hulk's mild mannered human form) is a grade a physicist, but you won't need a degree to get on top of this game - playing it is simple and straightforward. This is a five reel video slot, but even though it has two extra reels over classic slots, it still considers three symbol combos to be wins. Kick off your Hulk experience by deciding how much money you want to play for - it caters both to high rollers and weekend winners. Feeling flush? Max the game out at $5 a coin. More conservative approach? Play for as little as a penny. Then activate between 1 and 25 pay lines, and start spinning. Good luck!

It's Not Easy Being Green

As you might expect, the symbols set begins with a set of playing cards, but quickly gets interesting thereafter. It's mostly stuff that the Hulk has already smashed - plenty of Broken Glass and Destroyed Weapons, all worth decent amounts of coin. The most important symbols that you want to watch out for are the Hulk himself, and the big nuclear Explosion. The Hulk is important because he's the game's Wild symbol, so he'll help you pick up a bunch of extra wins. The Explosion is important because it triggers the bonus round.

Big Brutal Bonus

When three or more Explosion symbols appear anywhere on the reels, this triggers the Hulk Bonus Round. It's basically a free spins feature, but the weight implemented is just so cool! In the game, the Hulk is being attacked by a fleet of helicopters. You'll need to select something to hurl at them, and there's plenty of handy items to choose from - cars, phone booths, whatever takes your fancy. Destroy a helicopter, and it will reveal the number of free spins you've just won!