Ultimate Grill Thrills Slots

Ultimate Grill Thrills is one of the most exciting video slot games on the market right now. It's possible that you've played it's predecessor, Grill Thrills, and if so, you'll definitely want to check out this amazing upgrade to the franchise. The original was already a fantastic game: it featured instant win Scatters, a funky theme and a completely addictive bonus round. Ultimate Grill Thrills improves on this winning formula by adding a massive progressive jackpot to the game. Effectively, they've added the possibility for this game to make you into a millionaire. At the time of writing, the jackpot on this game was worth well over $853,000, and showed no signs of slowing down!

Get Your Grilling Apron On

There's no real recipe for playing this game - it's pretty straightforward. It is concept as a traditional three reel video slot, only there are more reels, more lines, and more ways to win. Ultimate Grill Thrills has five reels, each covered in a random selection of culinary imagery. Instead of just a single line along the center, the game offers 20 different pay lines that run up, down, left to right, side to side. You can activate as many pay lines as you like - just one, or all 20 simultaneously. The advantage to playing more than one pay line is that it gives you a higher probability of connecting with a winning combination on each spin. Since each line takes a single coin bet to activate, you risk more money by playing more lines, but you also drastically increase your chances of winning.

What's On the Menu

The symbol set used in Ultimate Grill Thrills is identical to that used in its younger brother, Grill Thrills. On the lower end of the pay scale, you can expect to see tools and paraphernalia associated with a barbecue, and on the top end there's items of actual food. The most important symbol in this game is the Wild symbol, which is a picture of a dog running off with a string of sausages. The symbol is crucial, not only because it's a substitute for any other symbol in the game, but because if you land five of it in a row, you trigger the game's progressive jackpot and become insanely wealthy. Also keep your eye out for the Scatter symbol in the form of a blonde girl. She's fantastic because she pays out in multiples of your total bet, not just your line bet.

Delicious Kebab, Decadent Winnings

The game is bonus round is triggered by three Chef symbols. In it, you have to construct a tasty kebab from a plate of ingredients without selecting something that might have gone off. There are five rounds to this game, with each successful round earning you a cumulative bonus. You won't lose anything you've already won by selecting a bad ingredient, but doing so prevents you from reaching the end of the bonus game. Making it all the way to the end, however, will earn you even more cash!