Ocean Odds Slots

Ocean Odds is an amusing, relaxing game with an underwater theme. It's got a cartoon look to it, but think more Sponge-Bob than Little Mermaid. This is an extremely popular game right now, and for very good reason. It pays out well, and it's got a ton of extra features that keep slots fans coming back for more. These include a wicked free spins feature, a Four-of-a-Fish bonus game, and a massive top jackpot prize. Seriously, we very rarely see games that pay out at this level - you can win up to half a million dollars playing Ocean Odds Slots. That kind of money is more than just a drop in the Ocean!

Under Da Sea

Ocean Odds is a delightfully easy game to play, and despite its insanely high top prize is still a good game for beginners to play, because it features nearly everything that more complex slots do, but in a neat package. This is a 20 line game, which means that you don't just play the center line, like you would on older slots. There are a total of 20 different line shapes, and each one you activate costs you a single coin bet, but increases your chance of hitting a winning combo. It's best, therefore, to play the game on max lines, and in the interests of fairness, the game allows you to change the coin sizes to allow you to do just that.

The Undersea Cast of Characters

The pay table starts with the Jack, Queen, King and Ace from a deck of cards, but in Ocean Odds, they're not just padding - they're relevant in the Bonus Round, but more about that later. The rest of the symbols are made up of characters you'll meet under the sea, and are worth between 300 and 1500 coins. Keep your eyes peeled for the Shark, because he's worth the $500,000 jackpot! Also watch out for the Crab Scatter, because this win pays out multiples of your total bet, not just the line bet it lands on. This combo can yield up to $60,000!

Bubbly Bonus Bonanza

The bonus round in Ocean Odds is awesome, because it triggers when at least 3 Bonus symbols lands on an active pay line. But if you're playing multiple lines, the chances are high that the same three bonus symbols will trigger on multiple lines, allowing you to enjoy the bonus game multiple times in a row! In the bonus round, you will face off against four underwater card dealers. Each one will deal you 4 cards, and you must choose one from each dealer. They're using J-Q-K-A, and each is worth something in and of itself, but if you can pair or trip or quad a set, the winnings get insane. it's possible to win up to $40,000 this way!