Chain Mail Slots

Chain Mail slot is a video slot game provided by the software game company, Microgaming. The game comes with five (5) reels and twenty (20) pay/winning lines.

The slot game's theme is that of the medieval times, with knights, horses, princess and so forwards; however, this 'new age' medieval fairy-tale story has a funny, cartoon-ish look to it, which makes it so much better and entertaining. The symbols as mentioned, are related to the medieval days, with icons such as: Princess, and Horse (but here comes the funny twist to it), Mail Man (looks like a Knight), Chain Mail logo, Mail Box, Pizza, Chicken (fried in a bucket), Kebab, King Cone (ice scream cone with a thrown), Chocolate bar, Mail Bag, and a Gate/Door.

The 'Chain Mail' is the wild symbol, which substitutes any icon in order to help you complete a winning combination, all except for the scatter and bonus symbols unfortunately, but those will get you other benefits and winning opportunities. Moreover, any winning appearance of the wild symbol will get your winnings doubled, so for instance, if your winnings would be 800 coins by having five (5) of the same symbol, then by having a wild icon instead of a complete set of five (5) will get you a payout of 1,600 coins or $4,000!

The 'Mail Bag' is the scatter symbol in this game. The scatter symbol will multiply your bets by two (2), twenty (20) or 100 if you hit three (3), four (4), or five (5) 'Mail Bags' respectively.

Bonus game, Jackpots

The Chain Mail slot game has a great bonus game, called the 'Castle bonus game'. You can activate it by hitting the 'Gate' symbol on the one (1), three (3) and five (5) reels, at the same time. You will then get numerous gates or doors, which you can select in order to win some bonus money. In addition, if you find the princess within your selections, you will get to win all the bonuses on that row, but if you find 'uncle Mordread', then unfortunately the bonus game will end there.

Within the available coin size bets, you have $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25, and $0.50. The maximum bet for the game is $50, with a minimum bet for all 20 pay lines of $0.20. If you bet five (5) coins per line, all of $0.50, then you could win some of the higher jackpots, which include 6,000 coins, or $15,000 for five (5) 'Chain mails'. There is also the second biggest jackpot of 1,200 coins or $3,000 for four (4) 'Chain Mail" and then five (5) princess will get you 800 coins or $2,000.

Slots Tips

The game is entertaining even just by looking at it, without actually betting money to it, all thanks to its great graphics, and bonus game - so when the time comes for you to make-up your mind over the coin size you want to play at, think about what you want to accomplish… enjoyment for a good amount of time, or some quick minutes of rush with random probabilities to win the jackpots? Remember, the more you bet in coin size, the shorter the play time since your budget will come to an end much faster - if luck is not with you of course. So consider this when you go to our recommended online casinos, where you will be able to play Chain Mail Slots now!