Gold Medal Mania Slots

Gold Medal Mania is a fun, tongue in cheek game with a theme that's a cross between the Olympics and Animal Planet. It's zany and it doesn't take itself too seriously, which is partly why it's such a great game to play. Visually, you'll find yourself chuckling at the cute animal graphics, but beneath them you'll find a solid video slot experience that offers just the right amount of everything to keep you playing. It's got Wild symbols for easy combo plugging, Scatters for instant wins, and a great bonus round that'll earn you a bunch of extra cash. And to cap it all off, it's got a top jackpot prize worth $15,000! Play Gold Medal Mania Slots today!

Training for the Gold Medal

Unlike the cute furry characters in this game, you won't need weeks of training to be able to compete at Gold Medal Mania. Once you've understood the basics, you should be rocking this game in no time. The aim is to spin the reels and try to make combination chains of up to 5 matching symbols - although cash payouts begin at 2. The amount of cash you'll win depends on which symbols you've managed to line up. You can play up to 25 lines simultaneously, and each one takes a single coin bet. Coin values can be set anywhere between 5c and $10, depending on how edgy you like your gain. Bear in mind that winnings are paid out in multiples of your coin bet, so it doesn't pay to bet too low.

Meet the Furry Team

The symbols used in this game are made up of the animal characters who are trying to win medals (on the high end) and a bunch of sports related paraphernalia (on the low end). This means that while getting the Track Shoes, the Dumbbell, the Stopwatch or the Goggles are all fine cash wins, you'll be much happier clocking one of the Animals. The cast includes Tiny Gray (the elephant), Sally Light (the hippo), Cluck Kent (the chicken), and Jerry Spring (the tortoise). Keep your eyes peeled for the Gold Medal symbol, because it's not only a Wild symbol but it's also a triple multiplier!

Gold Medal Bonuses

When a Podium symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously, this triggers the bonus round. You can select 1 of the animal characters - each one has a different bonus round to try. They're all "match 3 amounts" games, and will help to swell your bank roll nicely.