Top Spin Snooker Slots

Top Spin Snooker is a remarkable game in that it manages to combine two completely different genres into one satisfying video slot. If you like the mathematically elegant world of snooker, and the glitzy, fabulous world of casino games, you have to give this one a try. Presenting with clean, upmarket graphics and a host of extra features that includes a bonus snooker game, Top Spin Snooker has a jackpot prize of $88,880 - wouldn't you like to sink that one? Take a shot at Top Spin Snooker today at 888 online casino. You'll usually find this game available both as a free download, or playable via a live online Flash version.

Club Rules Apply

Unlike a real game of snooker, you don't need to be aware of any strange set of local rules tacked to the wall somewhere. This game has been designed to be easy to play from the outset. The game has 5 reels, and a total of 9 different pay lines. You can only bet a single coin on each line, but you can play as many or as few lines as you like to get the total bet up or down. You can also tweak the value of the coins you play, so that they can be anywhere between 5c and $10, if you'd like to push the envelope.

Rack 'em Up

The symbol set in this game is delightfully devoid of all of the high playing card icons that slot designers typically use to pad out the set. Instead, it's full of snooker balls. The bottom end of the pay scale is just straight up balls. The colours used, in increasing order of value, are: Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, and Pink, with one last symbol showing multiple balls. These are worth between 75 and 375 depending on what you bet. The Chalk, the Cue and the Player round the set out, and the Snooker Table itself is the game's top prize. If you happen to be playing on max bet, this will net you $88,880!

Potting the Bonuses

When at least 3 Rack symbols land - it doesn't matter where - you'll earn up to 20 free spins of the reels. Who knows how much this bonus could be worth? But the big bonus game is triggered when 3 World Snooker Championship icons appear on any of your active paylines. They don't have to line up, but there must be 3 of them. In this game, you're trying to sink a series of balls. Each successive successful shot earns you bonus cash. Complete all 7 shots for the maximum bonus amount.