Striker Fortune Slots

Play Striker Fortune slots and fully customize your bet. If you're tired of slot machines that only allow a few betting options, you'll love this online slot game. The soccer-themed online slot game offers unique game play and flexibility with the betting structure. There are dozens of coin sizes providing you with full control over your wager.

The jackpot prize for Striker Fortune slots is an ample 500 coins. There is a secondary jackpot of 200 coins. It's definitely not one of your largest slot machine rewards, but unique game play makes it incredibly worthwhile. If you've set the coin value for $100, you can win quite a bundle.

How Striker Fortune Slots Works

First, you have to set your coin value. Options include 25, 50 and 75 cents and then whole dollars up to $20. After this, the increments increase by 5's up to $30, 10's up to $70 and then finish out with an even $100. Click Bet Max once you've set your coin value and you automatically wager on all 9 paylines.

You can bet a coin on 1 or all 50 paylines of Striker Fortune slots. Therefore, your maximum bet is 50 coins times the coin value you've set. If you're a high roller, the $5,000 maximum bet is sure to please. Otherwise, players will enjoy the wide range of options in keeping your wager at a comfortable level.

The screen doesn't show actual reels. Instead, a soccer field appears with 15 players. Some players wear the yellow jersey and others are in white jerseys. With each click of the reels, the players shuffle and gold trophies may appear. These trophies are the game's scatter symbol.

The positioning of the players is of utmost importance with Striker Fortune slots. If teammates line up across one of the possible paylines, they shoot the ball and score a goal for their team winning you money. Game play continues in this manner as the soccer game plays out. You can click the flags to change teams during the game.

There is no wild symbol or on-reel bonus game, but the Training Grounds bonus game is a possibility and appears on a new screen. To reach this game, you must get three scatters.

Training Grounds Interactive Bonus Game

During the Training Grounds bonus game, you're taken to a new screen. There you find a series of soccer related items to choose from. Choose the item that appeals to you and your prize is revealed.

Cryptologic Casinos Feature Striker Fortune Slots

To try your luck at Striker Fortune, you need to head to a Cryptologic Casinos. Be sure to enroll for welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses to boost your casino cash. Striker Fortune can be addicting, so you'll want plenty of cash to see if your team ends up the winner. Play Striker Fortune slots today and enjoy the non-stop action of the game.