Rough Rugby Slots

If you an American citizen, you might not have heard of rugby before. The game is kind of like American football, except that the players don't get to wear any protective gear. This game's name - Rough Rugby - is therefore a pretty good choice, because the injury rate on the field is pretty high. Luckily when you play Rough Rugby Slots, you get to enjoy all of the action of the game of rugby without risking your neck. The game has two different bonus rounds, including one where you actually have to kick on goal, and a massive $200,000 top jackpot prize, which will interest slots fans even if they're not into the sport. Being one of the most popular 888 casino slot games, Rough Rugby Slots is available in many European languages

15 Men A Side, No Holds Barred

Rugby is a full body contact sport, and you can get seriously hurt playing it if you don't know what you're doing. Thankfully, Rough Rugby allows you to play the game just by clicking a few buttons - much easier! The game has five reels covered in rugby related symbols, and your object is to spin these reels and try to make the symbols line up along active pay lines. It's up to you whether you want to play just the centre pay line or increase your chances by adding some more. The game lets you activate up to 15 lines in total. Each pay line you activate costs a coin bet, so the full set will cost you 15 coins per spin. You can adjust how this impacts on your bankroll by using the game's controls to tweak the coin values: play for as little as 5c per coin, or as much as $10.

Meet the Rough Rugby Team

The symbols used in this game are made up of rugby related paraphernalia and the sportsmen who play each position. The former group are low order wins, but the latter are worth more serious coin. Ideally you want to be making combinations of the Right Center, the Fullback, the Right Wing, and the Left Wing. The Hooker is the game's top prize, and triggers a 20,000 coin win. Keep your eye out for the Scrum symbol, because it's Wild and will complete winning combos for you.

Rough Sporting Bonuses

If 3, 4 or 5 Play-The-Ball symbols appear anywhere on the reels, you can win up to 30 free spins of the reels. This is always a fantastic boost your bankroll, and can be infinitely retriggered. The most fun bonus, however, is the Prize Kicker bonus (similar to Gold Medal Mania slots). It triggers when at least three Prize Kicker symbols appear anywhere on the reels. In the bonus game, you must attempt to kick a series of balls between the posts. Every successful kick earns you more bonus money. Completing all five rounds of the Prize Kicker game earns you an additional Cash Cup bonus!