Pay Day Slots

We all look forward to payday, whether it is weekly or bi-monthly it can't seem to come fast enough, right? Well, take your mind off that for a moment and let us draw your attention to another type of payday - Pay Day Slots. You can play Pay Day Slots game 24/7 and perhaps receive that payday check a bit quicker.

Pay Day Slots Game Facts

Pay Day Slots is a classic 3-reel, 1-payline slot game with 7 winning combinations. All your favorite traditional symbols appear in this slot game including: Red Sevens, Green Sevens, Bars, and the Pay Day Logo. The jackpot is 2500 coins, and the coin size ranges from 10¢ to $10, with a maximum bet of $30.

Bonus Features

While you are waiting for your real pay check to arrive, this is a perfect time to spend playing this penny slot. The reason is that it has some special bonus features including the Pay Day Logo as the wild symbol and also a wild multiplier up to 4 times! Every time the Pay Day Logo symbol appears, you win! Get all 3 symbols, and you win the jackpot!

Easy and Affordable Pay Day Slots

Slot players love playing Pay Day slots because it is not only easy to play with the paytable right above the slot machine, but it is very user-friendly. Pay Day Slots will fit any budget. Just decide on the denomination of coins you wish to bet, and click on spin.