Treasure Trail Slots

As the name suggests this is a Treasure Trail, a hunt for that hidden treasure inside of the Treasure Tail slot machine. Everyone has a dream of finding a treasure at some time in their lives. Why not make that dream a reality and play on the Treasure Trail slots. Fast Download, easy graphics interface, and a pleasure themed slot that will get you hunting for that progressive jackpot.

Playing slots is easy and lots of fun

Playing on a slot machine for those who are new to it is very easy. Download your game and open an account, top up your account with the money you wish to wager, remember to bet only what you can afford to lose. Treasure Trail is a three reel single payline game that will accept three coins, each coin is valued at $2, an the maximum bet is $6, to qualify for the progressive jackpot you need to bet the maximum.

Once you have decided on the value of the coin you wish to play, then decide on the number of coins you wish to wager, you can do this by clicking the "Bet One" or the "Bet Max" buttons. The reels will spin and stop on their own. This machine also has an autoplay feature if you wish the machine to play a number of spins automatically.

The hunt begins with the Treasure Trail symbols

Hitting the jackpot is the highest accolade and evokes a feeling of great excitement; watch out for crosses, crossbones and skull, treasure chests, telescopes, parrots, diamonds, Sevens and gold bars.

One treasure chest in the centre payline will achieve twice the coin bet, and even up to six times, this will depend on the value of the coin bet. Three telescope symbols placed on three reels, obtained with $2 coins, and the entitlement will be 300 times that is the same amount. Result $600. Three crosses placed on the single $2 bet will win for the player $10,000 this is because the coin bet credit is 5,000 times of the bet coin. You can figure how much more you can win with a 3 coin bet payout. Your hunt can be fun and very richly rewarded.

The progressive jackpot is the prize to aim for in this treasure hunt

Treasure Train Slots has a progressive Jackpot which I easily seen as the major prize, in order to achieve that prize you need to bet max of three coins at a time it's the only way to hit that incredible jackpot.

Treasure Trail Slots is not for the conventionally conservative gambler, this. Game combines fun and fast paced excitement with true adventure games.