Mega Money Mine Slots

The Mega Money Mine Slots game is based on an interesting mining theme, where you get to dig for the diamonds in the game, or maybe the gold that pays out the dollars you crave. This game is a 3 reel slot machine, offering a progressive win for the Jackpot. With a choice of an easy download of the game or playing online, this game hits the bucks. Head for ‘the golden hills’ and try this one at your favorite online casino.

The dig for gold is easy to operate – online slots offer great fun opportunities.

Mega Money Mine, like all online slot games are really easy to operate, once your download is completed, an account set up at your favorite online casino, its easy going the rest of the way. With your backroll ready you can bet your choice of coin(s). The minimum wager is $1.50 with a maximum bet of $4.50, Spin your reels, and if you hit jackpot, your money is added to your account, gives a nice warm feeling when that happens.

The symbols of a gold mine to add to your treasure

Most people get excited about the thought of a gold bar, and certainly a yen to own one, you don’t have to go far to get your own gold bar, with these Mega Money Mine symbols you can hit for the gold bar as often as you like, three in a row and its jackpot time. With shovels, cherries, double bars and single bars, the mine, diamond and the lucky seven. Although this is a progressive jackpot game, you still have the opportunity of winning the Mega Money Mine’s payout of 2,250 coins. However with the max bet of $4.50 your jackpot can hit over $10,000!

Chasing that gold for the jackpot of a lifetime

The rules of this game are really quite simple, this is a classic 3-reel game, your payline must have three of the symbols in a row, and to win the progressive jackpot you have to bet the maximum of 3 coins. On of the bonuses is, any gold bar that does make an appearance, will give you a prize. Each symbol has its own value of payout. 3 mines with one coin gives you 500, 2 coins 1000, and 3 coins can hit the jackpot. All the other symbols give you various payouts for 3 in a payline. But that gold bar always pays out regardless.