Birds of Paradise Slots

There are a number of different video slots that are regularly appearing on the internet today and one of the newer slot games to be developed is an interesting game that is known as the Birds of Paradise. It is actually interesting because many of the video slot machines usually have names that are quite neural in their imagery (i.e. the Supermarket), but at the same time this one appears to have a name that is actually one that evokes positive imagery; of birds floating through paradise. It is an interesting concept, but either way the facts are that this is a 5-reel, 25-pay-line slot machine that happens to have a maximum jackpot of $100,000! Play at Birds of Paradise Slots now!

Method of Play

There are many different ways that you can consider playing the Birds of Paradise and in this sense it is much the same as many of the other video slot machines that the various online casinos use. You decide how many coins you are going to use for each spin, the absolute value of each coin and then you go ahead and spin. Video slots for the most part have done away with the graphic of the arm being pulled and Birds of Paradise is no exception to that rule. Once the spinning has stopped, you either get your prize as the rules dictate or you are prompted to spin again. If you want to maintain coin number and value settings throughout your session, you can set the program to auto-spin for you every time the end spin calculation is made.

Rules of Birds Slots

There are a number of rules inherent to the slot machine and the first of them has to do with the way in which you can bet and what those bets represent. The first rule is that the maximum coin value is $5 and the minimum coin value is $0.01. The minimum number of coins that you can bet is one and the maximum is twenty five. What this essentially means is that the amount of money you can bet on this slot machine ranges from $0.01 (1 of the lowest denomination coin) all the way up to $125 (25 of the highest denomination coin).

When all is said and done, 25 pay-lines are each represented by a particular coin that is used. This means that the higher the number of coins you use in each spin, the higher your eligibility to get paid because you will have more pay-lines that you qualify for. In other words, each coin is equivalent to a pay-line.

Like many of the other video slot games that are available in a similar manner to Birds of Paradise Slots, there is a free spins provision that is triggered by the appearance of three scatter icons on the face of the slot machine. This results in 15 free spins for the player and any money they win during those free spins is tripled; a great way to get back some losses the player might have sustained.