Grail Maiden Slots

Grail Maiden Slots are brought to you by Vegas Technology. Download and Play Grail Maiden Slots and we promise to keep you busy for hours on end. The theme is medieval with the focus on a Knight searching for his maiden. Slot games from this era have been well-liked for a long time and Grail Maiden Slots are no different.

The Difference

Grail Maiden Slots was just introduced in August of 2009 and what makes this game so very different from conventional online slots is that there are no pay lines but there are five reels. You will rely solely on the symbols in this game to reward handsome payouts. Regardless of what position the symbols materialize in, you win! Payouts are dependant on the symbol and the amalgamation of payouts is made for every symbol on each reel.


Shields and Swords are Scatters and the Grail is the Wild Symbol. All you have to do is get one Maiden on all five reels and you will be awarded 1,000 coins but if you are smart enough to have placed the highest wager then you will win some 4,000 coins!

To go to the Bonus Round just get either a Maiden or a Knight on reel number one, or a Grail on reels two, three, or four, or a knight or maiden on reel five. Right off the bat, while you are in the Bonus Round you will be given five Free Spins which opens up quite a few chances at additional winning combinations. Keep in mind that the Free Spins can be retriggered.

New Technology - Wager Gaming Tech.

This newest technology that offers no pay lines is becoming extremely popular with online gamers who have found that they usually win not only more but larger amounts playing these games. In Grail Maiden Slots you can wager as little as a penny to as much as a buck per spin. The minimum bet is a penny and the max wager is $100.

The symbols in this game are really nothing too fancy and consist of Aces, Kings, and Queens, Knights and Maidens. You can also turn on the "auto play" feature and let the game run itself. Check Grail Maiden Slots out at Liberty Slots - number one Wager Gaming Technology casino.

The change here with this game is that every combination of positions is a pay line. By doing this the game now offers 243 pay lines which is a whole new arena of excitement.