Cool Bananas Slots from 888 Casino

Cool Bananas is a fun, funky game that is loosely based on the legendary movie King Kong - and yet not obviously so. This is one of the more entertaining video slots out there, primarily because of its light hearted feel, tongue in cheek graphics, and amusing animations. This is a good standard game, and highly recommended for players new to the genre, as it's easy to play, yet still offers most of the major features you'd expect to find in more advanced slots. Cashwise, it's not a bad game either, as it features a top jackpot prize of $50,000 - which isn't monkey business! Play Cool Bananas Slots now! - for NON US Players. For our US players we can recommend to play at Cool Bananaa slots for US players!

Aping Around with Cool Bananas

Traditional slots have you spinning 3 reels and trying to land combos on the center line. Cool Bananas has you spinning 5 reels, and trying to land combos on up to 25 different lines - not just the center one! Have a look in the game's help section for diagrams of all the possible lines you can activate. Now, in older games you could ramp things up by tripling your coin bet on the center line. Here you're limited to a single coin per line you activate, but you can set the value of each coin anywhere between 5c and $10. Although regular wins pay out in multiples of the line bet, Scatter wins pay out in multiples of the total spin bet.

The Apes of New York

The pay table starts off with the traditional set of playing card symbols - from the 9 through the Ace. These are low order wins, but not without value. Moving on, you can expect to see Shades and a Banana Split, the Empire State Building, and the Blonde Starlet. But it's the Mighty Monkey that you're after - he's the game's top prize, but he's also Wild, and will substitute for any other symbol when necessary. He really helps boost your winnings.

Big Banana Bonuses

While the game doesn't have a specific bonus round, there's a free spins feature that can really rake in the coins. Here's how it works. You need to hit at least 3 Banana Scatter symbols - they can land anywhere. They're worth a payout by themselves, but they also trigger the free spins. You get 8 free spins for 3 Scatters, and an extra 8 for each additional Banana Scatter that appears. During the free spins round, all winnings are automatically doubled! It's also possible to retrigger the free spins from inside a free spins session, for even bigger bonus wins!