Alien Invasion Slots

Do aliens, UFO's, and creatures from space mesmerize you? Well as much as Alien Invasion wants to call themselves a classic slot game, the format may be classic but the theme is like nothing you have ever seen. Basically, it is out of this world! This is a three reel and one pay line slot game powered by Wager Technology. The graphics and the audio are amazing if you are seeking that true to life experience. Join and play Alien Invasion Slots now or keep reading our review...

These things are certainly out of this world

The symbols in this game certainly help to create the realism with the Laser Gun as the wild symbol, which by the way, three will win you the top jackpot of 2,000 coins. The Laser Gun, being wild, can replace any symbol to complete winning combinations. There are other exciting symbols like the Aliens, Planets, and Rocket Ships. From other symbols you can win 12 coins for three Insect Aliens or 24 coins for three Sharp Tooth Alien symbols, or even 30 coins for three tentacle alien symbols.

The cost of catching an alien

Wager as low as a dime up to ten buck coins per spin means that you can bet as much as $30 a pop! The game is very user friendly and is also straightforward and it is a guarantee that you will just love the quirky sounds and animations that light up when you catch a combination. There will be no doubt that you have a win when the funky lights start going a buzz.

Little extras

Also, there's an auto play feature that allows the game to play for you when you have to step away for a while. You can set this to go for as long as you would like or maybe you would rather have it stop after you have won or been reduced to a specific amount of money. It's entirely up to you. The Stop Spin feature allows you to stop the reels spinning at any time rather than waiting for each reel to stop spinning one at a time. These things are just some of the extras that are on offer to enhance your gaming experience and to offer you extra convenience.

Feeling like out of this world might be something you are interested in? Perfect time to play Alien Invasion Slots! This is surely not a standard game choice by any measure.