Gold in Bars Slots

Gold in Bars Slots
There are countless different slots games online today but sometimes it is good just to get back to basics in some way. The Gold in Bars slots game allows you to do just that. It is quick and easy to download, try and play as well, as you are about to find out.

How many reels and paylines are there?

This slots game has the basic three reels on offer, with just the one payline to focus on. This is the most basic game you will find online so if you like things to stay nice and simple you will enjoy playing it.

What is the minimum bet?

The minimum bet here is a dollar, so it is slightly higher than some of the other three reel slots out there online today. However the machine does pay out better prizes when you strike it lucky, so bear that in mind. There is also a maximum of five coins to play per line, so you can bet up to five dollars per go here. Be sure you know what your limit is before placing your bets on the Gold in Bars Slots game.

How does the pay off differ depending on how many dollars you bet each time?

The coin value will always be set at one. As you click on the ‘bet one’ button you will be able to increase the amount you bet. Watch the table at the top and you will see the highlighted column that corresponds to your bet. You could win five times as much in prize money by betting five times as much in cash.

Is there a progressive jackpot payable here as well?

There is, and this is quite unusual with a three reel slots machine. This is based on what is called a common pot. This means that everyone playing the game adds a certain amount to the pot and this amount can then be won by anyone playing the game. Could you be the lucky one?

Which symbols should you be looking for?

You need to match the symbols according to the payout schedule at the top of the screen in order to win. But the gold bars are what you really need to look for. If you line up three of them in a row and you have bet the maximum amount on the game, you’ll win the jackpot in Gold in Bars Slots.