Adventures in Orbit Slots

Adventures in Orbit is a fun scifi themed video slot that takes you out there among the stars, battling weird space monsters, discovering new planets and looting them. Because really, what else are we doing in space if not getting rich and blowing stuff up? The graphics are delightfully tongue in cheek - they've gone for a cartoon look rather than brutal edgy realism, which we think works well. To this add freebie spins, a fantastic Voyage bonus round, and a fat $100,000 cash prize, and you've got one monster of a slot. Blast off with Adventures in Orbit today. You can download it from our favorite 888 Online Casino , or, if you'd like to play but don't want to install software on your computer, you can go heads up with the alien menace live, right there on 888 casino website and play Adventures in Orbit Slots in Flash .

How To Fly a Space Ship

Despite being set in outer space, this game doesn't require you to master the controls of an interplanetary vessel just to be able to play. Instead, it keeps things simple. Just decide how many lines you want to play, and you're basically set. Here's a tip, though: although you can adjust line numbers to your own personal strategy, statistically the more lines you add, the more chances you'll have to trigger a win on each line. Each line costs a coin bet, but you can control what each coin is worth, setting it as low as 5c if you're a noob, and cranking it up to $10 a coin when you're a seasoned space captain.

Intergalactic Imagery

The lower end of the pay table starts with big space bodies such as planets and asteroids. We're going to include the Ray Gun symbol in with this lot despite the fact that it's worth 300 coins, because all of these require at least 3 symbols in a row to be considered a hit. What's really cool about this game is that the rest of the symbols pay out more in total, but only require a combo of 2 to hit! Robots, for example, are worth 400 on a full line. Rocket ships will pull in 500. The Space Capsule will land you a fat 2,000 coin prize, and the Flying Saucer will see you laughing all the way to the bank with the biggest prize this game pays out - trigger it on max coin and you'll be $100,000 richer!

Big Bug-eyed Bonuses

Look out for the Navigator symbol - it's a Scatter that will award up to 30 free spins of the reels - a great way to swell your bankroll. The Space Voyage bonus round is epic fun, and seriously lucrative too - it launches when you get 3 Alien symbols on a pay line. It's a six round game where you must try and help a gross looking alien fix his ship and get home. Each stage is a different task, making it something completely unique.