Light Speed Slots

Light Speed Slots is a three reel and one pay line slot game that can literally make your day...with huge jackpots. You can only play with quarters! This one comes to you from Real Time Gaming and is a progressive slot with a loyalty multiplier. You can play as many as three coins at a time. There is a 400 coin jackpot awaiting you. All you have to do is get three ray guns on a pay line. This game has an alien and outer space theme. This game is considered to be a traditional slot game but there are a lot of bells and whistles that really compliment it. But...the extras do not compromise the smooth play of the game at all.

Looking for that wild Robot

The wild symbol in this game is the Robot and can be swapped for other symbols to create more winning combinations. The Bonus symbol is the Light Speed Meter and it will show you flashing green lights. What this game does not have is a wild multiplier or scatter symbols. The Planet Earth symbol is also a good one since it is how you will get to the standard play top jackpot. Other symbols include laser guns, flying saucers, and aliens.

The progressive jackpot

The progressive jackpot really is the meat and potatoes of this slot game. Get three Laser Gun symbols on a pay line and wait for the Light Speed Meter to reach a level seven. The meter grows every time a Light Speed symbol shows up on the pay line. a winning combination and your prize is multiplied by how ever much your Light Speed Meter was. The meter will then decline back down to zero. The progressive jackpot promises to be a minimum of $700!

Where to play Light Speed Slots

You can play Light Speed Slots at any of the RTG Casinos. RTG Casinos are known for their wide selection of games, great bonuses and promotions, excellent graphics, and easy downloads. They have been around since 1998 and are very well respected. Some of the other RTG progressive slot games that you can try are Mid-Life Crisis Progressive Slot, Crazy Dragon Slots, Shopping Spree Progressive Slot, and It's Good to be Bad Slot Machine. Big name casinos such as VIP Slots have nothing on the huge number of RTG casinos.

There is a progressive jackpot that is just a laser blip away from you. An enjoyable alien adventure is all that is between you and the generous jackpot!