SlotsRoom Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

SlotsRoom Casino is a brand new online casino with the extreme juice of the Real-Time Gaming engine. Aside from the mighty gaming roster, Slots Room Casino carves up the competition with its interior and exterior promotions. Some of the highlights of its in-house promotions include a robust welcome package along with cashback bonuses. Slots Room Casino takes the extra step with no deposit bonus codes.

The Room Is Full Of No Deposit Bonus Codes

Before we dive into the deep well of Slots Room Casino no deposit codes, let's talk about the no deposit code for those who are getting their feet. Simply put, a no deposit code provides a free path to real money, but your skill as a player and the luck of the spin determines the winning outcome. The three essential no deposit bonuses include the sign-up bonus for newly minted players, the free spins bonus for essential slot titles and the free chip bonus to help players get through the door.

The sign-up bonus only applies to newly registered members at Slots Room Casino, and it is the perfect mechanism to remove the fear and doubt because the sign-up bonus is free of charge. The free spins bonuses either work on a particular slot title, a group of slot titles, or the entire Slots Room slot catalog. Please read the fine print to figure out the specifics and details of the free spins no deposit bonuses.

The free chip no deposit bonus traditionally opens up the world of table games, but the modern versions, including those for Slots Room Casino, open up the prolific slot games. We will briefly review some of the elite slot games that are worth your while with any of these fabulous no deposit bonuses.

The Cash Bandit Series

Not once, but three times do players get to live vicariously through an elite and determined bank robber. Slots Room Casino proudly presents The Cash Bandits series, where all three games raise the intensity and the bar of the elusive bank vaults. Each game in the series raises the stakes and the amount of the free spins. The first Cash Bandits introduce four bank vaults where up to 90 free spins are at stake with a twelve-times winning multiplier.

The first sequel increases that amount to five bank vaults with over a hundred free spins at stake. And for the third and latest Cash Bandits slot game, players get to indulge in six elite bank vaults where 390 free spins are available with a whopping 23-times winning multiplier.

Body Slam The Rest With Lucha Libre

If you are a die-hard fan of professional wrestling, then Slots Room Casino's Lucha Libre series is suitable for you. Lucha Libre combines the mastery and the elegance of professional wrestling and marries it with the revered Mexican wrestling legend, The Luchador. Lucha Libre centers around the people's champion Taco Malo. In the first game, he goes toe to toe with Guacaomolio. The first Lucha Libre introduced the time to rumble bonus round where you get to pick the right finishing move to end the main event and rack up extra wins and rewards.

In the sequel, Taco Malo is back, and this time he takes on Nacho Fiend. The usual suspects from the first game return while new aspects are revealed. The time to rumble bonus round returns, and so does the roar of the crowd.

Bubble Bubble Casts The Winning Spell

Slots Room Casino loves Halloween, which is why it proudly offers Bubble Bubble and Bubble Bubble 2. Both games put a friendly slant on Halloween, with Winnie The Witch serving as the focal point in both games. In the sequel, Winnie is joined by the equally lovely Wanda The Witch. Both beauties triple winning combinations and both games feature three mesmerizing and haunting bonus rounds.