Green Meanies Slots

Do you believe in life on other planets? What about little green men…you know…aliens? Here is a news flash for you…alien life does exist…if you are playing Green Meanies video slots. Well... Now you know that if you want to see things like aliens, planets, a TV (which likely has something to do with ET) and a hostage (this guy is likely the one who gets snatched by the green guys).

Hold and nudge feature

Green Meanies offers five reels and 25 pay lines. It is also a bonus video slot machine that offers some 24 winning combinations. There is a guy called the Green Meanie in this game and he is your Wild Symbol so if he shows up on reels 2, 3, or 4 he will automatically activate the feature round on the spinning reels and re-spin. By now you may be asking…what feature…good question…it is a unique hold and nudge feature. Basically, this allows you to take a quick peek at the next symbol on the reel.


Look for the Hostage who is the Scatter Symbol. The Green Meanie is the one that will trigger the Bonus Game but it does not multiply any payouts or offer direct payouts. The graphics and the audio on this game are superb indeed and likely what you would expect from a video slot that just came out in March 2009. Keep an eye on the jackpots as one is 5,000 coins and the other is 2,000 coins. As usual your coin values range from a penny to $10 per spin. Because there are 25 pay lines this means that your maximum wager can be $250.

Powered by Vegas Technology software, Green Meanies is certain to offer you somewhat of a bizarre experience…well that is if you don't find flying saucers and flowering egg creatures to be ordinary! Another thing about this game is that the jackpots aren't super high BUT you will likely win more often so there is some balance there.

Green Meanies video slots are more than a great way to pass time but are also a great way to make some money too! This is also a unique game that will somehow keep you coming back for more

Where to Play

Open to USA players, Mean Greenies slot game is available at Liberty Slots Casino