Bodog Casino Games with Highest Payout

Playing progressive slot games ensures you have a shot at winning large sums of money. Therefore, we would like to give you the heads up on two of the Bodog Casino games with highest payout you can play right now.

How Would you Like to Be a Millionaire?

Shopping Spree slots has a current jackpot of over $4 million dollars! A 5-reel, 9-payline bonus progressive video slot at Bodog Casino, you can shop til' you drop if you win this coveted prize! With scatters and two bonus rounds, RUN, do not walk to Bodog Casino and vie for the chance to become a millionaire four times over!

Food Fight Slots worth $500,000!

With a current jackpot approaching $500,000, Food Fight Slots is a 5-reel, 9-payline bonus video slot game that can make you a fortune. Get 5 pudding symbols on all reels and win this massive jackpot! This is quite a handsome sum coming from a 25¢ slot machine, but there it is! So what are you waiting for???

For Roulette lovers, Bodog announced that Roulette Pro new game is available in flash and download able versions.