Play King Tuts Treasure Slots

King Tuts Treasure is an Australian slot game that may also be referred to as a Pokie. Download King Tuts Treasure Slots software and register. Once you deposit, you will be given access to King Tuts Treasure Slots. The player will be given a special code that can be used on these three games. As the name of the game suggests, it has a theme which is related to the Ancient Egyptians. The ruling Pharaoh and pyramids will offer you the chance to play for a chance to win Cleopatra, who was a queen of the country. The player has the option of saving the Cleopatra Jewels, and they can also defeat Asp for the chance to win the treasures of Ra.

To enjoy The King Tuts Treasure slots game, it is first important for you to learn how to play it. This slot game has a total of 13 symbols. Each symbol will pay on a payline is this payline has been activated. If the player can successfully get three or more of the same symbol with a payline, they will be given a certain number of credits. The symbol for the pyramids is the scatter symbols, and it can pay in all the positions for each line. The wild card symbol is the Eye of Ra, and it is a wild card that can act as a substitute for all of the symbols with the exception of scatters.

One interesting feature of King Tuts Treasure Slot is the Cleopatra Jewel Feature. When this feature starts, the player will be given 10 games which are free. These are referred to as being the Yellow Jewel Games. When you are in the process of playing the 10 free games, you must be able to collect a minimum of 15 jewels. The symbols can appear at any point along the reel, and if you collect 15 jewels or more, you will go to the next level of this game.