Overcome the House Edge Using These Casino Tips to Increase Slot Machine Odds

A number of casinos have been strengthening the odds that players have when they use slots, and this has led to some controversy, since slot machines have always offered poor odds in the past. Most seasoned players are well aware of the fact that slots odds have always gave the house the advantage, whether they were playing in online or offline casinos. However, a number of casinos, most notably those located in Illinois, have further increased their chances of winning. This increase is 13 percent than it was 30 years ago. While 13 percent may not sound like a lot to the outsider, those who follow the numbers know that players added in excess of $24 billion in slot machines over the last 12 months, and the odds increase of 13 percent will lead to the casinos bringing in an additional $170 million.

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It should be noted that this figure deals mostly with offline casinos, and doesn't touch the many online casinos that are very popular. This increase is a result of a tax increase that was recenly made into law. The increase in taxes will require them to pay $135 million dollars annually, and like most businesses, they have chosen to pass this cost onto the consumer. Because of this, many gamblers are choosing to use online gambling machines as an alternative. The odds for slot machines are measured as holds. A slot machines that has a small hold of 3 percent is set so that for every $100 bet it takes in, the slots will give back $97 in wins and leave $3 for the house.

However, a slot machine that has a hold of $10 makes the odds much harder. For every $100 that players put in the machine, only $90 will be given back by the machine in the form of winnings, and $10 will be given to the house. While a slot machine may give some players large winnings during certain periods of time, it will generally stick to the hold percentages that were originally programmed into it. Basically, the jackpot that is given to one player is generally provided by the losses of many other players. The laws in Illinois now make it possible for casinos to take $20 for each $100 they provide in winnings. However, the competition in the market will generally keep this under control.

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