Totem Treasure Slots

Totem Treasure is a multiline slot game provided by Microgaming, a software provider for gaming products, servicing over 200 online casinos with over 80 flash and downloadable casino games each. Totem Treasure is obviously one of these games, with a Native American theme to it. As mentioned, the video slot game is a multiline game, with five (5) reels, five (5) paylines, and 32 winning combinations.

As you might imagine just from the name of the game, Totem Treasure has native graphics and symbols, represented by an: Eagle, Squaw, Tee Pee, Fire, Dream Catcher, and a Pipe. From these, the wild symbol (which you will be able to use as a substitute for any other symbol missing to complete a winning combination) is the Squaw (which looks like a Native woman).

A nice fact about the game is its clean and crisp graphics, with wonderful strong colorings, representative of the Native American culture; it also comes with fast reel-spins, and easy sounds that do not hurt your ears or head, nor annoy after a while. Definitely a user-friendly game you will want to play for yourself. Join and play Totem Treasure Slots.

Please take note that even though this is a great game recommended for all, it is also a game that is unfortunately not available for US players, as Microgaming does not provide their games and software to US friendly online casinos.

ets and Jackpots

In terms of the bets, you can bet up to 5 coins per spin, with the coin size options being: $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2 and $5. The maximum bet then for this game is $25, with a possible jackpot of 12,000 coins and a second biggest jackpot of 5,000 coins.

The 12,000 coins jackpot is achieved by 5 Eagles, and is the equivalent of $60,000; the 5,000 jackpot is achieved by getting 5 dream catchers, and is the equivalent of $25,000, with another jackpot at 2,000 coins, equal to $10,000 with 5 fires. For a game with limited features, it does bring in quite a descent amount of jackpots to be won. From there on, you can go to their payout table for the rest of the possible winning structures.

Tips for Slots

These tips are useful for any slot game, not just Totem Treasure, so keep them in mind.

First off, in order to win the jackpots, you will need to bet the maximum amount of coins and lines - but, bear in mind that the probabilities of winning the jackpot are pretty hard to achieve and the costs can climb quickly - which you should then know when to stop. Remember, your goal is to entertain yourself, and not use-up your savings for slim chances. With that said, even though you can only win the jackpot betting the maximums, you should bet the minimums in order to extend your play and entertainment - it will save you money at the end too.

Make sure you take advantage of any free bonuses, comps, and free spins casinos give out - take out the time to sign-up for those promotions and bonuses as you never know when you your spin will be the lucky one.

All in all - Totem Treasure is a great game to start-off with… clean, and easy to use, with great payouts regardless of your bets - try your luck now!