Golden Goose Totem Treasure Slots

This slots game is inspired by and ancient culture where life was hard but much simpler. Respect for the land and its inhabitants were paramount to the American ancestral tribes. These people believed that we and the animals were all brothers and sisters and that the animals were there to protect us. Many of the braves were given animal names and totems were created to represent these animals for each person. The graphics are superb and very eye catching, and the game loads of fun.

Playing is reelingly easy

The game is set on five reels and sufficient paylines to ensure you have some good wins. The size of your wager can be as little as one cent up to 10 coins per line on the full twenty paylines.

Symbols that pay

The symbols are topical to the theme, so you will find the eagle that soars the skies, the beautiful Squaw, the typical Tee Pee, a Dream catcher, Drums for part of most ceremonies, and of course fire is necessary to cook and for warmth, Smoking the pipe is also part of the culture, in addition the usual card symbols from king to the ten. Check the paytable for the payout schedule; this is your chance to play for that 120,000 jackpot which translates to $24,000 when you get 5 Squaw's on the reels. Five Eagles will give you 50,000 coins or $10,000, and five Dream catchers will give you 20,000 coins or $4,000. All generous payouts indeed.

Capture a wild Squaw

The Squaw is the wild lady here and she will substitute for any symbol except the scatter to create some awesome winning combinations. Wins are multiplied 2 times.

Drum up some incredible prizes

Scattered across the reels the drum will definitely give you good payouts, get three, four or five of these drums in a spin and your bet is multiplied by respectable 8x 30x and 400x, so more drumming you get the more money you get, is this cool or what!

Bonus games to keep you reelingly happy

The Golden Goose Totem Treasure bonus game is really quite different from normal bonus games which are triggered by a number of symbols on the reels. This one works differently as you can activate it by adding 5 extra coins on every spin all depending on the amount of coins you bet, and then you just need to push the Golden Goose button to trigger it. If you for instance bet one coin per line, then add an extra 5 coins you can use the Golden Goose button to get the bonus game, bet 2 coins per line you will need to add an extra 10 coins, continue up to the max of 50 extra coins per line. This generous Golden Goose will then offer you a randomly selected bonus game; there are four different bonus games that can come up.

Your Four Random Golden Goose Games

  • Game 1: You will be taken to another window and presented with fifteen golden eggs, choose one egg for every reel, each egg chosen will reveal a winning number, the highest win is 5,000 coins.
  • Game 2: The second game also has an egg theme, although you won't need to choose or spin to find the prize, you are presented with one egg which you could win up to 2,000 coins.
  • Game 3: If you get the third game you can choose between a giant pile of money or a golden egg, choosing the money pile you could win 10,000 coins or choosing the egg could get you an extra 50 free spins giving you 50 extra chances to gain wins and all wins are multiplied by three.
  • Game 4: This time you get to choose cards, giving you a chance to win free spins, and the wins are multiplied by six times. Each of the four golden goose bonus games offers some truly wonderful opportunities to increase your bankroll.

Your opportunities for winning are very good you will just love playing this game. Us Players cannot play at microgaming casinos, but they can play at Silver Oak Casino, Buzzluck Casino, or Liberty Slots Casino. Try your luck, and have some wonderful fun!