Roll the Dice

Most online casino players enjoy spending their gaming time on slots and other classic casino games like blackjack and craps. However, there usually comes a time during their gaming experience where they wish they could try something new and a little more exciting. After all, doing the same thing over and over again can get a bit boring to many people. To meet the demand for newer and more exciting games, many online casinos are now offering a new table game called Roll The Dice.

Roll The Dice Basics

While the game is new and can offer a nice break to slots and classic casino games, Roll The Dice is not a difficult game to understand quickly. Basically, players bet on numbers one to seven. When the roll matches the players' predictions, with three of the dice, they win. However, in this game, there aren't basic numbers but instead there are animations to bet upon.

Roll The Dice: Fish-Prawn-Crab

While Roll The Dice is the name of the game, many people are also referring to this new game as Fish-Prawn-Crab. These underwater symbols are a few players can bet upon, along with a coin, a rooster, a calabash, and a triple.

Payouts For Roll The Dice: The Newest Game In Online Betting

One of the most popular questions players have when they try a new game is how they can win and what they get paid. Whenever a symbol that a player has bet upon shows up on one of the three dice, the player will enjoy a 1:1 payout. If the symbol shows up on two dice, they get a 1:2 payout and if it shows up on three dice, they get a 1:3 payout.

This works for all symbols, except the triple symbol. When a player bets this symbol, they are predicting that all three dice will share a matching symbol. The player doesn't need to choose which symbol they think will show up, only that three of a kind will appear. When a player bets this symbol and lands the three of a kind, the payout is 30:1. Players who are bold enough to bet the max on this symbol can win up to $15,000.

No Strategy, Pure Luck: Roll The Dice

There is absolutely no strategy in Roll The Dice, with every win fueled by luck alone. It's an easy game to play when your brain needs a little break from strategy-heavy table games like blackjack and can be a ton of fun, as well.