The Labyrinth of Egypt Slots

Labyrinth of Egypt combines all the fun of a great video slot with the intrigue and mystique of ancient Egypt. You'll be snooping around inside an old Egyptian tomb, trying to locate the hidden chamber which contains the lost treasures of the Pharaohs ... or, at least, a huge pile of coins. It's a decent game in that it does try to make the actual experience of playing as rewarding as the wins - it's got a Free Spins round, and a cool bonus game where you must navigate a labyrinth to earn bonus coins. And above all, it's got a $10,000 top prize. Not bad at all.

Play Like an Egyptian

This isn't actually a difficult game to play. Even though it's loaded to the eyeballs with hieroglyphics, you should have it deciphered in no time. The game features five reels covered in ancient Egyptian symbols, which you will spin in an effort to get the different symbols to line up with each other along specific lines. You can play up to 15 line simultaneously to better your chances of winning on each spin. Each line that you activate costs a coin bet, but you can adjust how this impacts your bankroll by setting the value of each coin to anything between 5c and $10. Winnings are paid out in coins, though, so the higher you set this, the more actual money you will win.

The Writing's On the Wall

The symbols used in this game are a mix of traditional hieroglyphics and figures out of ancient Egyptian mythology. On the lower end of the table to find the Scarab, the Eye of Horus, the Ankh, the Flying Scarab, and the Crook and Flail. These are worth between 20 and 50 coins, and require at least three in a row to be considered a win. The remaining symbols require a combo of only 2 to trigger a win. Anubis, the Sphinx, and Bastet yield an increasing amount of riches, and the god Horus triggers the game's top prize of 1000 coins, worth $10,000 if you're playing on max bet.

The Ancient Bonuses of the Pyramid

If three or more Egyptian Goddess symbols turn up anywhere on the reels, this triggers the free spins round, where you could win 25 free spins of the reels on the house. The Labyrinth bonus game is triggered if the Bonus symbol appears on the reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously. This is a three round game where you must try to unlock the Tomb of Treasure. The game is lots of fun, and quite challenging because you'll be shown images of labyrinths, and you'll need to pick the path that leads to the center. If you succeed, you'll get to plunder the Tomb.