Pharaon's Gold Slots

Pharaon’s Gold Slots is one of the classic 3-reel slots, with one payline. A very simple game to play, its theme is ancient Egypt, and if you are interested it Egyptology, you will like this game, Egypt has an interesting ancient history, visitors to that country just love its atmosphere. You can capture the spirit of Egypt with Pharaon’s Gold Slots. Get to your favorite online casino I we recommend to play at Club USA Casino or at SlotoCash Casino), download the software, which is easy to operate, colorful icons this interesting theme game will capture your imagination.

The Egyptian theme just captures the imagination

This user-friendly slot game, offers helpful areas for new players to understand how the slot games operate. They will learn about the ‘Paytable’ this will instruct them in the winning combinations and what the payouts are for each combination. Watch for the “Winners Paid”, window this will show how much has been won on any spin. And the “Credit Window” is informative for showing how much credit is available to play with, plus the “Coins Played” will help the player to keep track on the credits that they have already wagered. Worth it’s weight in gold to teach a beginner.

The Egyptian symbols are colorful and relevant

Ancient Egypt is full of symbology, and the symbols of this game reflect this symbology, the Scarab is an ancient symbol, and the Cobra can be found on many an Pharaoh’s mask, the Mask Symbol is indeed relevant to the times of the Pharaohs. The Eye is indeed the window to the soul. The Eye is interesting as it the wild card, this means it can be substituted for any of the other symbols to complete a winning combination, therefore, you could consider this as and extremely useful symbol in this slot game

The simplicity of this game is what appeals

This game does not have all the bells and whistles, it is simple and easy to operate, did I mention that it is really user-friendly, ideal for beginners to operate, and many experienced slot players love it too, because of its simplicity. A lot of expert users agree that it makes sense to place the max bet to get the chance at the winnings with this a slot game one can hit the jackpot with a single bet, or a double bet, even the max bet will still give you a payout of 100 coins. Therefore you need not overload your bets to be a winner.