Pharaoh's Fortune Slots

This Microgaming slot machine is based on an Egyptian theme, one of the most popular themes of online slots. Pharaoh's Fortune returns players to ancient times when pharaohs ruled Egypt and provides the opportunity to win big money at the same time. Players who enjoy playing the Classic Slot Machines in Egyptian style will enjoy playing Pharaoh's Fortune, especially with its high potential winnings. It is certainly not the typical slot machine game, but it definitely one that is very popular within the Microgaming community of players.

Playing the Game

Pharaoh's Fortune is a classic slot machine that is comprised of three reels, one payout line and ten winning combinations. The top bonus in the game is 2,500 coins. Pharaoh's Fortune is a simple game that doesn't have the wild, scatter and bonus symbols that are predominant in most other slot machine games. When you begin playing the game you will notice symbols such as Pharaoh, Scarab, Bars, and Pyramid. These symbols on the reels can help you win wonderful treasures that depict treasures of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Placing Your Bet

Pharaoh's Fortune allows you to place wagers in several different denominations: $0.25, $0.50, $4, $2 and $5. In order to have a better chance of winning the best prizes you want to play with three coins on each line. This means you must bet at least $0.75 up to a maximum of $15 each time you spin the reel.

Winning Prizes

There are several top jackpots that you can win in Pharaoh's Fortune depending on the size of your wager. The highest jackpot you can win is 2,500 coins. If you place a bet of three coins and spin three Pharaoh you will win $12,500. The second highest jackpot is 1,000 coins. If you place a wager of two coins and spin three Pharaoh you will win $5,000. The third highest prize is 500 coins. If you bet one coin and spin three Pharaoh you will win $2,500. The potential winnings in addition to the Egyptian theme make Pharaoh's Fortune an exciting game with impressive visuals for both new and experienced players. The knowledge that you can win $12,500 just from the click of your mouse at just the right time is one that adds to the excitement and can make the game addictive from the very first spin.