Time Machine Slots

Time travel has captured the imagination of many people, the ability to travel through time and space are things many people dream of. The time Machine slots game gives you the opportunity to do just that travel through time on a slots machine. While you are on this time travel adventure you can win some incredible prizes just for being there and playing. The video quality of the game is very good, they give a sense of adventure and excitement, the game is user friendly and will keep you glued to your seat. Once again Cryptologic has come up with a winner.

The best way to win is to play the game

Five reels slots games are very popular and when they have twenty five paylines to give you better than even chances of winning. If you play for one penny on all the paylines which is the lowest betting you will only spend 25c per spin, up the odds and increase your betting you can bet up to $10 per payline, no wonder it is a favorite for the casual player as well as the high roller who are really serious about playing, the maximum bet is $250. If you want to play on all the playlines then choose your coin size and click on max bet it will automatically place a bet on all the paylines. Get those practice shoes on and see how the game plays then play for real money. There is no difference with practice and playing for real.

The time of your life when you travel in time

The background has a space theme with a gold border, the symbols of the game cover different periods in history, going back to the dinosaurs, moving up to the Egyptian era, the knights Templers all in their shining armor, Victorian England is also represented, right up to the future with a lovely high tech robot that is very humanoid, other symbols are a watch, some keys, glasses and schematics, check the paytable for the payout values of these symbols. When you hit a winning combination sound effects will play.

The Time traveler is your passport to the big wins

The time traveler will substitute for any of the symbols to form a winning combination except for the scatter, it has its unique special animations and sound effects, and to hit the top jackpot you need to have 5 time travelers on a selected payline and the win is a very nice 10,000 coins. So it is important to have a bet on all the paylines to be sure you don't miss this. You also want to watch for the Time machine symbol which pays out 5,000 coins and the Dinosaur symbol 1,000 for 5 symbols.

The is one wormhole you want to get on the reels

The wormhole is the scatter symbol and will appear anywhere on the reels, you need to get at least two for a payout of 2x your bet, three will give you 4x your bet, four will give you 20x your bed and five will give you 100x your bet. In addition if you get three or more wormholes you will also trigger fifteen free spins plus the 2x multiplier. You can also re-trigger the free spins. This is where you can build up your cash to work for the big jackpot.

Autoplay as your friend

The autoplay gives you the opportunity to set how you want to play the game automatically. This machine has an advanced button to give you more control over your game play. Do check out all the choices on this autoplay feature the menu offers different choices of when you want the machines to stop. You can also stop the autoplay at any time you wish

Your play back to the past and forward to the future is a load of great fun, nice prizes to be won and sure to keep you interested. Head to your favorite online casino, download the software, make your deposit and have a time traveling time of your life.