6 Reel Slots

While six-reel slot games might not be a household name, the current trajectory that they are in is bound to shatter that notion. Nevertheless, there are many things to like about six-reel games, and this article is here to shed some light on some of those qualities.

The Reels Are Up For Grabs

Breaking away from the conventional five-by-three format, six-reel games offer different combinations. After all, with additional spaces and reels, these games have more flexibility to impact the game. Six-reel formats can come in 3x6, 4x6, and other captivating combinations. Six-reel titles also break the norm by shelling out mega pay line combinations. It is not uncommon for a six-reel game to feature at least 720 pay lines. Yes, you heard correctly, 720 pay lines, and some even extend to 4,096 pay lines.

Win Every Which Way

The magic and promise of six-reel games increase to winning on any side of the reel. Some of these games might include the usual three matching icons, but six-reel games might require no less than four of the same symbol to notch a winning victory. This also includes diagonal.

The Top Six-Reel Titles

Real-Time Gaming leads the six-reel battalion with tremendous hits like The Big Bopper. The Big Bopper is one of the first six-reel games that broke through the online casino scene. Every ounce of this game memorializes the legendary rock n' roll pioneer that died tragically in the same plane crash as Ritchie Valens.

The Big Bopper throws out the massive 720 pay lines with extensive bonus rounds that celebrate the musical genius of this American icon. From one rock' n roll legend to another. Ritchie Valens' self-titled game is another hallmark for six-reel genius. Like The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens' slot game features 720 pay lines with several chances to win big in the musical bonus rounds. Yes, you can get to hear some of his classic songs throughout the game.

Lucky 6 is one of the earliest leprechaun-themed games to make the transition to six-reel. As a result, all of the intriguing leprechaun elements are available on the screen. This game is also one of the first titles to innovate the scatter symbol. Throughout the title, the spelling of the scatter letters greatly influences the bonus round play.

The Future Of Six Reels

We hope by now that you see the power and promise of six-reel games and that you give them a try.