Casino Payouts

Casino Payouts are more than just your winnings; it is also a percentage number. Lets use 98% as an example; this number and percent is not telling you how much of your bets you will win - it actually tells you that a random player, on a specific time range, will win $98 dollars out of $100 dollar bet placed on the game (not necessarily by that same player or at the same time he/she was there - it could have been years ago, but during the specified time range set by the casino or the machine's live-span).

Quite the letdown huh? - Not exactly what anybody would have imagined or what anybody playing at casinos would have wanted either. But, it does fall under the common knowledge that the House always wins - and what kind of a casino would be paying out all their players 98% of every bet?

There is also a percentage for each game - blackjack, Craps, roulette, and even specific slot games. So stay on the lookout for the higher percentages, as the higher they are, the lower the casino's earnings are as well, and the more you could possibly win.

Remember though that the casino payout percentage is not the same as your winnings odds, so even if the payout number is high, the odds might not be so much for you to win. In other words, do not get sidetracked by the tempting percentage number as it will cost you, instead, play smart, and stay within your strategy, within your budget.

Online vs. Offline Casinos

Usually you will find that online casinos have a higher payout percentage than those land-base or offline casinos - which could also be due to the fact that online casinos do not have so many employees to pay as land-base ones do, hence, they can afford paying-out more to the players, and even offering more bonuses and treatments too.

Online casinos usually have the percentages listed on each game, or their customer service will be able to inform you about them too. Offline casinos might have them listed on their games as well, but if they do not, you can easily guess; for instance, table games are known to have the higher payout percentage as casinos, as they are trying to get more people to the tables in hopes of higher earnings; ticket games like Keno usually have the lowest payouts, and then there is the slot and Video Poker games where it alters from low to high, but where you can easily guess since casinos will normally place the video slot games paying out more closest to the entrance doors - after all, it might help lure people into the casino by the sounds of winning sirens, jackpots and cheers, while the slots games at the back, or hidden, will most likely have the lowest payouts, but with the biggest jackpots unfortunately.

One more note to take in mind - regardless of whether they are offline or online casinos, the payout percentage should not be lower than 90%, otherwise, it might not be a very safe and trust-worthy casino.