Sweet Thing Slots

Sweet Thing Slots

Sweeten Up The Winnings With Sweet Thing Slots

A sweet tooth is definitely a must for playing Sweet Thing slots by Cryptologic. This candy filled slot game is really unique and easy to play. The eye catching movement of the game combined with the bonus game that tests your memory makes this a slot game that is truly one of a kind. While definitely different than your typical slot game it is simple to play and understand and will make you keep coming back for more, just like your favorite candy.

How To Win

Playing this slot game will definitely provide you with some winning options. The game itself is simple to operate using the buttons along the bottom of the reels. You can bet any amount of a coin value per spin from 0.01 to up to twenty dollars. You then choose the number of paylines which will determine your total bet value. There is an autoplay feature as well that allows you to pre-set a number of spins or you can press the play button to control the spins manually for that real casino feel.

Sweet Reels And Paylines

The reels really do make Sweet Things slot completely different from other slot games you may have tried either online or in a casino. Although the game appears to be a three reel, three symbol game in reality all nine squares on the game are actually their own reel. Each symbols spins independent of all others for a total of nine reels on the screen. With the nine reels there are eight paylines, with your option to play one or all of the paylines on any given spin.

Symbols Of Candy

Not surprisingly all the symbols on the reels have the theme of candy. You will see peppermints, candy in decorative paper, fruit shaped candy and what can only be the old favorite of a Lifesaver. If you hit the winning combination a laser will flash to highlight the winning combination. The highlighted reels will automatically spin again and continue as long as you are making winning combination. The wild symbol is the Sweet Thing logo and can substitute for anything else.

Bonus Game

Unlike other slot games Sweet Things slots actually has a skill based bonus game, not a random chance type of game. You are given a series of cards face down and you turn over two hoping for a match. If you do match you win that amount, if you don't you can try again with the key being to remember where cards are located. All you need to trigger the bonus game is two Sweet Thing logo symbols on the reels, so go ahead, give it a try. You won't be able to say no to this bunch of sweets.