Bejeweled Slots

Some games you play for the gorgeous graphics, some for the intricate bonus round, and some you play because they're just so much fun. But others you play because of how insanely massive the jackpot prize is. Bejewelled is one of these. That's not to say it isn't a looker, because it is, but this game has one of the highest top jackpot prizes we've ever seen on a video slot that wasn't a progressive. The maximum payout this game kicks out is worth $400,000. And yes, you read that correctly. Take your shot at glory by playing Bejewelled today - you play it live on most participating online casino's websites, or download Bejeweled Slots to your computer free of charge.

Ground Rules for the Jewel Hunt

Bejewelled has 5 reels and 10 pay lines. If you're familiar with 3 reel slots, don't let the extra reels put you off - the game still respects 3 symbol combos, it's just that you make more money from 5 symbol combos. Unlike a 3 reel machine, you can only bet a single coin on a pay line. In Bejewelled, you ramp up your bet by adding extra lines. You can also control what each coin is worth, setting them anywhere between 10c and a massive $20. This means that you can play the full 10 lines for as little as $1 a spin, or as much as $200.

Check Out the Pile of Gemstones

On the lower end of the pay scale you can expect to find Purple, Green, Orange and Yellow gemstones. You need to match at least 3, and these are worth about 10 coins. After that, the earnings get better. Diamonds are worth up to 20 coins. The red Ruby is worth up to 100 coins, and the blue Sapphire is worth up to 500 coins. The top paying logo is the Bejewelled logo, which is also Wild. It's worth up to 1,000 coins in its own right, and can also be used to complete winning combinations.

More Jewels For Your Money

As previously stated, this game has a top jackpot that pays out 20,000 coins which, if hit on max bet, would yield $400,000. If this kind of money excites you, there's only one way to go after this slot: on 10 lines. This is because the triggering combo is 5 Bejewelled logos. If you hit this combo on lines 1-9, you'll earn 1,000 coins - it's only when you hit it on line 10 that you'll rake in the massive jackpot. The winning strategy is, therefore, to max out the lines.