Speed Demon Slots

If the smell of asphalt and the sound of roaring engines gets your pulse racing, then boy do we have a video slot just for you! Speed Demon is an adrenaline packed game that's all about pushing F1 cars to the limit as you tear around the professional track circuit. Awesome visuals aside, speed Demon offers a top gaming experience, and comes fully loaded with a bunch of top end features as standard. These include Wild symbols, instant Scatter wins, free spins, and a glorious bonus round where you get to take the car to its limit by literally driving as fast as you can round the racetrack. Add to that a top jackpot prize of $37,500, and what you have here is one seriously exciting game. Play Speed Demon Slots now!

Get Your License In Order

Thankfully, even with its high-speed driving bonus round, you won't need any special qualifications to drive this game. Just load it up with some credits, and you're off. The game has a variable feature that allows you to set the value of the coins being used anywhere between a penny and $5. You can change this value at any point during the game, but it has a direct effect both on what it costs to spin and the amount you can win. Bigger risks yield bigger rewards. Speed Demon also supports multiple pay lines. Obviously, you'll be playing at least the center line, but there are 24 additional pay lines that you can activate for increased winning potential.

Spectacularly Speedy Symbols

As you might expect, the low end of the pay table is taken up with playing card symbols. They're not inconsequential, but you'll be much happier getting combinations of things like the Tools, the Champagne, the gorgeous Fan-girls, and the Driver, all of which are worth far more serious coin. Symbols you're going to want to watch out for include the F1 Car, which is the games Wild symbol, and the Checkered Flag, which is the game's Scatter.

Full Speed Bonus Rounds

Speed Demon has two different bonus rounds. The first is a free spins feature, which is triggered when the car land simultaneously on both the first and last reel. This earns you 15 free spins, with all of your winnings instantly doubled. If, however, you manage to get three Checkered Flag symbols in a row, this launches the Speed Demon bonus game. In it, you'll have to drive as fast as possible around the track three times. Each lap will earn you a different amount of bonus cash depending on how fast you do it. In reality, you don't have too much control over the car, but the animation of it speeding around the track is intoxicating, as is all the free bonus cash!