Freaky Gym Slots

Freaky Gym Slots
Some online slots games have some really great ideas behind them. And when you download and play the Freaky Gym Slots game you’ll know you have found one of those games! Try it now and see how it works – we’ll give you some guidance below.

How many reels and paylines are in play here?

You will find five reels in this slots game and a massive thirty different paylines. Since many online slots games have twenty or twenty five at most, you can see there are even more chances to win with this one.

What is the minimum bet you can place?

You can play with as little as five cents per bet, but if you want to activate the Freaky Gym jackpot feature you need to have a total bet of fifty cents minimum every time you play. Keep reading to discover why the Freaky Pot jackpot is worth going for on the Freaky Gym Slots game.

Be aware of the Freaky Pot jackpot

If you play with the minimum required bets as stated above, you can have a bash at picking up a guaranteed jackpot win. This is paid out after you have had sixty spins, so you’ll soon be racking up the jackpot to win.

As you play you will see the total on the weight gradually getting higher as you approach the sixty spin mark.

Watch out for the weights

As the weights appear on the screen they will help your Freaky Pot total to climb even higher. This is a neat additional feature that makes the game even more exciting to play.

Have you spotted any hula hoops?

If you have you might be up for some free spins. You need at least three hula hooping girls to get your spins, which could rack up to a maximum of ten free goes if you manage to get all five girls in a row.

Animated fun and entertainment from a colorful slots game

Whenever you pull a winning combination you’ll see those characters animated as the win is pointed out to you. Get used to the different characters and animations so you can figure out which winning lines to watch for.

The Freaky Fruits Slots game puts a whole new spin on the online slots arena. With the additional jackpot bonus to get used to and strive for, there are even more chances to win.