Goals of Gold Slots

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup approaching fast, Goals of Gold is a particularly relevant game, because it's all about playing soccer. It features an edgy, pro league look, a great selection of sound effects, and one of the most entertaining bonus rounds we've encountered in a video slot game. But even if you're not a sports fan, and won't be watching the tournament live on TV, there are still plenty of reasons to play this game. 150,000 reasons, in fact, because this is the value of the game's top jackpot prize. With that kind of money floating around, you could start your own soccer team. Download and play Goals of Gold Slots now!

Playing Goals of Gold Slots - Rule Number 1: No Hands

Professional soccer is a game that you have to train for years to become proficient at. Thankfully, Goals of Gold is a game that you can master in just a few spins. The aim of the game is to create matching lines of symbols along predetermined lines, called pay lines. In a traditional three reel video slots, you can only play the centre pay line, but Goals of Gold allows you to play 8 additional lines that zigzag their way across the reels. You can play as many or as few as you like. Each pay line you activate will cost you an extra coin per spin, but it will also give you an extra chance to win every time.

Check Out the Soccer Merchandise

The symbols that this game uses is largely made up of different coloured soccer jerseys - these dominate the lower end of the pay scale, with values ranging between 50 and 400 coins. The rest of the symbols include Penalty Cards, Goalies Gloves, Soccer Togs, and the Stadium. Appropriately, the top symbol is the Golden Trophy, which is worth 15,000 coins, or $150,000 if you play the game on maximum bet. Keep your eyes out for the Soccer Team symbol, which is Wild, and substitutes for almost any other symbol in the game.

Games Within the Game

Goals of Gold features two different bonus games. The first is a Free Spins round that is triggered when at least three Scatter soccer balls appear anywhere on the reels - you can clock up to 40 free games this way, and they can be infinitely retriggered if your luck is right. The Cash Cup bonus round triggers if at least three Goalkeeper symbols appear. This is a five round penalty shootout game where you must try and get the ball into the back of the net by selecting where the striker should aim for. Each successful round results in a cumulative cash earning, and successfully making it through all five rounds earns you a massive extra bonus.