Euro Reels Slots

If you have a mutual love of soccer (European football) and video slot gambling, there's title built to suit you. We took this one for a spin because of the fact that the FIFA World Cup is starting soon - and boy are we glad we did. This is a visually lush game with a really slick, sophisticated look and a decent feature set that includes Wilds, Scatters, and two different bonus rounds that include a great game where you have to try and shoot goals. Euro Reels is top notch entertainment with a massive jackpot of up to $150,000! Try out your skills as a pro striker with Euro Reels today. Simply visit a good online casino that supports this game, where you can either play it live in your web browser or download it to your computer free of charge.

Club Rules Apply

Thankfully you don't have to understand the offside rule to play Euro Reels. Here's how the game works: start by working out how much money you want to bet on each virtual coin - the game lets you start small with 5c bets, and crank it all the way up $10 if you're ready to go premiere league. Next, decide how many lines you want to play. Each one costs a coin bet, and there are up to 20 you can activate. Every extra line that you activate increases the size of the net you're thowing out to catch combinations. Then, hit the big Spin button in the bottom right, and see what happens!

All the Teams, All the Gear

Most of the lower end of the pay table is dominated by differently coloured soccer balls - you need at least 3 of these to make a combo, but they're worth between 50 and 400 coins. However, the earnings go up sharply from there. Penalty Cards are worth 500, the goalie's Gloves are worth 800, the Soccer Togs are worth 1,000, and the stadium is worth 2,500. The Trophy is the top paying symbol, clocking in at 15,000 coins and worth $150,000 if triggered on max bet. Look out for the Soccer Team symbol, because it's Wild and will rescue a lot of otherwise losing combos.

Huge Crowds, Huge Bonuses

There's a Soccer Ball Scatter symbol in the mix, and if at least 3 of it turn up anywhere on the reels, you win up to 40 free spins, which can be infinitely re-triggered. But best of all is the Euro Cash Cup Bonus round, triggered when 3 goalies turn up on a line. It's a five round game where you have to take shots on goal. Every ball in the back of the net earns you cash, and if you complete all five shots successfully, you win even more.