Totem Quest Slots

It’s new and it is different, in a classic sort of way. The first thing you notice on the main screen for Totem Quest Slots is the Native American and Ancient Treasures theme (especially the figures that one might see on a totem pole). This is a five-reel game, so players will have plenty of alternatives as they try to build their account. Veteran slots fans may want to try the maze of pay lines – up to 25 available. The pay table was not immediately displayed but is accessed by a button on the lower left of the main screen. Clicking on this button replaces the reels view with the pay table. The Free Spins and three Bonus Games across the top of the pay table will be of interest to all players. Pay line details are provided across the bottom of this screen.

50 to 2000 and Bonus Games

If you play five credits, traditional symbols in a variety of colors provide 50 to 200 credits on a win. The totem figures on the last three pay columns range from 1000 to 2000 for max bets. Rules and features are accessible from the pay table page. A simple click returns the player to the main screen. If you get at least three totem heads on any reels you trigger free spins, from 7 to 15 depending on the number of totem heads. Bonus Game 1 begins if three or more Indian Bags are on the activated line. Bonus Game 2 begins with at least three Bombs on any active pay line. The appearance of these three symbols starts the Flying Tiles game. Bonus Game 3 is a bit different in that you win “a mysterious Trip Through Worlds with three Totem Quest symbols on an active pay line. Flying Tiles is a bonus game that requires a bit of hand/eye coordination. The colored tiles literally float across the screen and the play has to click them before they reach the cave on the other side (right to left motion). It’s possible to add 100+ credits with some accurate clicks. When three Totem Quest symbols appear it’s time to take that Trip Through Worlds. Begin by rotating symbols of the same color so they interlock (tab to indentation). Win points and see new sites with this game.

New From RTG

Totem Quest from RTG was introduced in January as a five-reel, 25 pay line game with Bonus Games available. Betting levels range from $.05 to $5.00. There is no Wild symbol but the Totem Head is the Scatter symbol. It is best to play multiple lines and bet max if possible. Test spins at 15 lines or more produced two Bonus Games right away.

To say that Totem Quest is fun and simple to play is an understatement. The Bonus Games are quite good and the basic slot-reel action is just fine.