Spiderman Slots

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can! Spins the reels, for a dime, catches combos, all the time. Look out! Here comes the Spiderman. Ahem. We're sorry, we don't know what we were thinking. Suffice it to say that this game flat out rocks - one of the best video slot titles ever produced by the online casino industry ever. It's got everything you could ask for in a slot: wild graphics, cool animations, addictive bonus rounds, and fat jackpot worth $25,000 - not counting the three progressive jackpots that are also attached to the game. Swing over to online casino today and try out Spiderman Slots - typically it costs nothing to download, and most sites will even let you play for free with a guest account.

Swinging From Reel to Reel

You don't need superhuman abilities to play this game - it's dead easy to get the hang of, because at its core its still a straight up video slot. First thing to do is set up your line bet - that's how much you're betting on the center line. Spiderman's betting is capped at $5 a line, but if that sounds too rich for you, don't bug out, because you can drop it as low as 1c if you like. Bear in mind, though, that winnings are paid out at odds relative to your bet. Next, decide how many lines you want to play - there's 25 in total - and then hit the Spin button. Good luck!

Scenes from the Web

The lower end of the pay table is dominated by cards valued at 9 through Ace, worth between 100 and 250 coins - not bad, but not the serious earners. Hit a line of Daily Bugle or a Camera symbols, though, and you could rake in twice that. Mary Jane appears on the reels, worth around 1,000 coins, and the evil Venom rounds out the top end with a fat 5,000 coin prize (worth $25,000 at max bet). Watch out for the Spiderman logo, because it's Wild, so you can plug holes in other winning combos with it.

The Amazing Spider-Bonus

One of this game's finest features is its bonus round. When it triggers, you get to choose between 15 free spins, or taking your chances at the Bonus Game. The free spins are self explanatory, but the bonus round has you tracking Venom across the city as he wreaks a path of destruction. Earn cash as you go.